Credit bureau-free loans from bank.


Credit bureau free loans

Credit bureau free loans

Providers who offer the loan without querying the Credit bureau data are not dubious, but they mediate loans from abroad. Since many of the Credit bureau-free loans are granted by banks from Switzerland, this is often referred to as Swiss credit.

Credit bureau-free loans have the advantage that Credit bureau is not activated for the application or for the subsequent notification. These loans are a good choice especially for people with a negative credit rating.
Just like classic installment loans from Germany, Credit bureau-free loans can be used freely, there are no conditions here. The loans can be used to pay bills as well as to pay for a new car or for the next vacation.

Credit bureau-free loans from Cream Bank

Credit bureau-free loans from Bonkredit

Cream Bank is a credit broker who does not grant loans itself. Rather, he receives customer credit inquiries and forwards them to the respective banks. With a large volume of credit inquiries and brokered loans, it is possible to obtain significantly more favorable terms than with a separate request from the customer.

Cream Bank has been active on the German market for more than 35 years and, in addition to brokering real estate and installment loans, has also specialized in Credit bureau-free loans. A great advantage here is that the loans can be granted for amounts up to USD 100,000, even pensioners up to the age of 75 can still use this loan. With terms of up to 120 months, the loan rate can be individually tailored to the borrower’s income and financial opportunities.

Best Bank credit provider

Creditolo credit provider

The credit broker Best Bank also offers Credit bureau-free loans. Like Cream Bank, Best Bank is only a credit intermediary that forwards the customer’s request to the respective credit banks.

Best Bank’s loan amounts range from 1,500 – 100,000 USD, so that here too, all requests can be financed without any problems. Like the loan amounts, the terms are flexible, each customer can choose between 12-120 months.

With both loan providers, customers have the advantage that the loan application is completely free of charge and the loan request is therefore possible without any upfront costs.